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Showcasing our indigenous products

1. HEALTH ATM (IPA: 202131004032)​

Health ATM (Screening & Dispensing)

This invention pertains to a medicine dispensing machine which is aiding to support real-time remote monitoring along the patient care pathway through multi-intelligence technology. This was specially designed with smart miniatured parameters to streamline primary consulting, general medication, pre-medication, intraproducts, connecting care teams and patients. It provides complete data continuity and full flexibility across multiple care areas. Also it offers optimal total cost of ownership by meeting basic needs today while enabling tomorrow’s technologies.

  • Computer-assisted health screening/Tele-imaging
  • Real-time teleconsulting & remote monitoring
  • Instant health analyzing report and e-prescription
  • Health-data visualizations(EHR Systems)
  • Patient-centered custom solution using vital parameters
  • Pre-diagnosis and Unified disease-specific care
  • Manage the personalized data (Health history records) with Health Passport System or Health Adhaar
  • Using 30 basic vital parameters for digital therapeutics(DTx), Multi-sensor fusion to measure PTT/PPG/PPW peak, Multi-purposed wave motion detection for CGM (Non-finger pricks/Cuffless)
  • Real-time Medicine Dispensing & Advanced Inventory control
  • Cross-sectional auto-segmentations, Share urgent information exchange(HIE)



Spy Drone

This is a micro-unmanned biomimetic system which is aerial and aquatic model for utilization in security & mission operation, intelligence lifecycle support or C5ISR related operations in order to find unidentified objects. This miniature model is integrated with a microcontroller unit or nano-electronics through the mission-critical C5ISR (command, control, computers, communications, cyber-defense, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) or JADC2 (joint all-domain command and control) system. The drone has a very unique design of mimicking as a hummingbird and whale fish with the noise made by the drone matching with nature for security obligations.

  • Identify/Detect of drone signature
  • Design to prevent contraband piracy
  • Counter-drone systems to track and intercept
  • Allows coverage upto 2km in wide-range environment condition
  • Operation in protected perimeters (Intruding in airspace or underwater)
  • Autonomous rapid-response interdiction to stop the 3D threats
  • Capable of neutralizing the full spectrum of threats
  • Real-time surveillance at suspected target
  • Wide range protection from intruders
  • Fully automatic operation or human in the loop (Rapid charging/Unskilled reloading)
  • Ultra-high-speed response time

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