Why Choose Us

We provide a comprehensive range of digitalisation, softwarisation and productisation to highup your volume and to give you intellectual satisfication. We also help you manage risks and build confidence in your technology ecosystems.

Our Core Philosophy

We specifically deal with Research Institutions, Industry manufacturers, research promoting and conducting organizations, IT/ESDM organizations and Government sectors. We intend and has successfully acted as an amicable association between the clients and the developers.

What drives Us

We pursue excellence in all that we do by optimizing our processes, enhancing our sustainability initiatives, and by providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. ​We recognize the importance of strong relationship, sustainable partnerships throughout all aspects of our value.

Founder's Thought

"Generally, We're a Corporate to Support Government along with Industry use cases."

At GBS Labs®, From emergence, we have revolutionized the advancement of specialized expertise and strategic aptitude through our progressive and neurodiversity approaches and concepts and the adoption of assistive technology that has converged over time. It encourages large-scale, small-mediums and research institutions to develop into tomorrow's creative leaders. The intellectual and methodological genesis of synergies methods has received significant attention.

We're encouraging Joint R&D, Collaborative exercise, Capacity building, professional enrichment and pre-employment support. In the congenital evidence-based context, the envision has been realized through the implementation of multiple strategies and knowledge intensity. So, Why don’t you join this unique platform and engage to become a global leader?

Our Unique Talents & Team

Our most important asset is our global taskforce - who're working hard to serve our customers. Having a advanced skilled, capable and engaged workforce is vital to our continued success. We strive to create an entrepreneurship ecosystem in which our employees develop through experiences, challenges and training to become a high-performance team.


Vikram Mohanty

CEO/Director - Innovation & Planning

Amiya Ranjan

CIO/Director - IT & BI

Dr. Sarah Taylor

Chief Scientist - S&T

Pinal Prajana

Chief HR Officer - BO/L&D

Internal Board & Leadership Council(Hiring!)

Rosa Melinda

Chief Design Analyst

Pinal Prajana

Chief HR Officer - BO/L&D

Michael Christ

Legal Secretary & Risk Advisor

Martin Joe

Chief Forensic Investigator

Linda Joe

Demand Supply Officer

John Doe

VP - Int. Relation & Corp. Communication

Jacob Miler

Chief Digital Officer

Dr. Sarah Taylor

Chief Scientist - S&T

Amiya Ranjan

CIO/Director - IT & BI

Join in Our Vibrant Board

We offer like minded professionals the opportunity to develop & enhance their careers and often move ahead more rapidly than other companies. Ongoing training & mentoring provide exciting & personally satisfying careers.

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