Communities & Consortiums

We Promote STEMM Advancement for the Betterment of Society

Industry Interaction

Provides a wide range of opportunities to industry consultants, business executives, corporates and startups in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering & Business.

Open Access Publications

Aims to facilitate the widespread dissemination of valuable knowledge and innovation. It runs various Open Access Publication platform within a very short span of time.

Global Promotion

Leverages its global network of scientists, researchers, and technocrats to provide global promotion in translational research & innovation, technology transfer, infrastructure development.

Why GBS Open-world?


New age sci-tech for industrial empowerment

Carries out a lot of advanced materials science and technology research outreach activities by leveraging its collaboration with top researchers, institutions, and industries.


Promoting high quality of research articles

Works to provide people access to all kinds of industry knowledge and sectoral information.


Honoring with prestigious awards

Recognizes the hard work that the scientific elites have to put in to conduct some path-breaking research.

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