Offering Benchmarks

GBS Labs has developed a series of flagship programs to deepen its efforts and achieve transformative results. These high-impact, scalable initiatives build on and supplement young innovator's ongoing research work. Using a Solution-based approach focused on strengthening the voice of Innovators, they seek to remove structural barriers to corporate equality and women’s empowerment. Each program is guided by GBS Lab's treaties and contributes to achieving Innovator's Strategic Plan.

Flagship Programs

GRIP is an entry-level research program for self-starters accelerating innovative ideas with access to world-class R&D labs and exemplary funding schemes to bring your idea from Lab to Market. The program is designed to accelerate your professional development through challenging technical training in a variety of business-critical assignments. Innovators/Researchers have the freedom to create the Future of Defence, Space, Agriculture, Healthcare, Multi-INT. (Click here to Apply)


  • Core Research Grant
  • Respective Fellowship/Scholarship
  • Research publications/ Promote Innovations
  • Strategic Partnership & Joint R&D
  • Sponsoring Research
  • Design Validation & Verification
  • Investor Approach or Charter Relationships
  • Tech Conferences
  • Global Events & Exhibitions
  • Global Resources & Industry Connects
  • Product Advocacy & Governance Support
  • Project Management & Agility
  • Paralegal/IP Support

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