Work with us to co-develop products in line with your organizational priorities and values. Expand your profile and broaden your perspectives through the many formal and informal opportunities the network offers to convene leading experts, specialists and supporters in the cross-functional or multi-disciplinary field. ​

Current Openings


  • Perform research, provide technical support, or lend other types of technical expertise to assist with a project.
  • Involved in a wide range of industries and academic fields.
  • Develop and enforce testing and research guidelines, protocol, and procedures.
  • Conduct inspections and reviews, ensure technical accuracy of information and findings, and perform testing and sampling. 
  • Responsible for ensuring all quality and risk guidelines are met and for verifying any necessary regulatory compliance.

Degree: MS/Phd required or Post-doc preferred in relevant area

Key Skills: Research and Observation, Paper Presentation, Project Management, Safe Experimentation, Data Analysis, Flexibility, Persistence, Motivation

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